The Kid | The Kid and Friends — Review

Back again with fresh beats and a new sound concept, The Kid is ready to dazzle his listeners with his latest album “The Kid and Friends”. Packed with 11 songs of different yet matching vibes, this album is a must-have for hip hop and rap lovers all around. 

Starting off with “Dark”, the heavy acoustic beginning sets you off into a deep trans of wonderment. The strings later fade away, only to make way for The Kid to spill some rhymes. The overall feeling that the song generates will truly get you hyped up on a day of exercise or hard work.

Next up on the list, “Oh Brothah!” portrays a feel of early rap and reminisces the good ol’ rap sentiments. For a chilled back gathering, this song is a definite replay. Among the favorites of many of his followers, The Kid pairs up with various artists—G Perico and Pineapple Jam–—to include the track “Stay Dangerous” on this album. The eccentric backdrop of electric guitar accompanied with dangerous lyrics from different artists, truly makes this song one for the crowds. For a calmer approach, “Blue” is the one to please many on the album. With the sounds of theMIND and Daddio Smoov, The Kid delivers a rather laidback track than the rest of his songs. Moving on to the song “Yeah”, the chorus start of this track will take the listeners back to reminisce his past song “In The Waves” in the album “The Kid” which dropped back in 2018. However, once the initial “ease-in” fades out, The Kid along with Michael Christmas and Blanco Black pout it out for their rap fanatics and hip hop enthusiasts.

The album ideally complements The Kid’s sound and attitude. With a mixture of relaxing tunes and upbeat tracks, this album is an unquestionable addition to any hip hop lover’s collection.