“The Riddler” Possibly Still Trolling Drake—And It’s Getting Uglier

Y’all come in and sit down. Shut the door, because all hell has broken loose. Some people are saying that Kendrick Lamar—who’s been nicknamed “The Riddler”—has broken his silence and is now working through a burner account.

By the way, I don’t believe that. But this new video has everybody collectively in awe.

Remember when Drake was all like, “Kendrick’s lying,” throwing all this shade about that “meet the grahams” cover art? Well, guess what?

It looks like the video could have been filmed from Kendrick Lamar’s Manhattan apartment. Again, I don’t believe that.

In the video, there are two dates on the prescription bottles that are very important. We searched through Instagram and this is all fitting together like a puzzle.

Some people STILL maintain that UMG talked to Top Dawg (TDE) and Daylyte (allegedly one of Drake’s ghostwriters), and was like, “Yo, there needs to be a ceasefire.” Drake has turned into the butt of many jokes with people at graduations singing “they not like us.”

Not Like Us getting played at USC graduation ceremony 🔥
byu/green_day_95 inKendrickLamar

Kendrick Lamar said, “You know what? I’ll take my win.” However, he may still harbor anger about what Drake said about his wifey and child. So there’s this little burner account, which could be Dot (probably not), maybe somebody close or something more, like a security guard.

It truly feels like some dark mess is about to be exposed. There’s CCTV footage of Drake standing in a hotel doorway and a baby (but I think it’s a man with a sever disability). No matter what, it’s weird as hell.

This is where Twitter is CLUTCH. These folks are on top of it all. Peep this stuff (By the way, I’m not co-signing. AllHipHop is not reporting this as any fact at all):

You all know, I would typically write this out, but Twitter (never calling it X) just moves too fast.

Take that in and I’ll double back with you later.