Tyrese Deletes Rant Defending Diddy Amid Sex Trafficking Investigation

Tyrese Gibson jumped to Diddy’s defense despite the feds investigating the Hip-Hop mogul for sex trafficking, sexual assault and more. The Fast & Furious star expressed adoration for Diddy in a since-deleted Instagram post.

“What I can’t do and what I won’t do is downplay the laughter, the fun, the energy, the inspiration, the award shows, the studio sessions, the most legendary parties and events I’ve ever attend in my life,” Tyrese wrote. “And I also can’t act as if my high school backyard parties throughout south central LA wasn’t the craziest parties ever because of the Bad Boy on slew of hit record[s].”

The actor/singer bizarrely attempted to show support for Diddy’s alleged victims while siding with the Bad Boy Records founder. Tyrese claimed he was the only person “crazy enough” to say what others wanted to say about Diddy.

“I don’t condone nor do I support abuse, bullying, sexual assault or anything that is currently being alleged but what I can’t do is turn the blinds on how much this mean to me and all of us, and what he has done for the community of music and culture,” Tyrese wrote. “Don’t worry I’m the only one crazy enough to jump out there and say what most of you want to say but you don’t have the balls to do so because it’s very normal for people to be going through a rough patch and we all sit back and make a mockery of it but I’m not gonna do that I’m praying for Diddy, his kids, his family, his mother and all of the alleged victims that’s in the middle of trying to simply have their voices to be heard.”

Tyrese concluded his rant by offering a helping hand to Diddy.

“I love this brother he’s been nothing but kind and generous towards me and that’s the way I feel praying and praying for more of a better outcome of all of this is happening,” Tyrese wrote. “God bless you Diddy if you ever need to call me and just need a listening here I’m right here bro.”

Tyrese seemingly regretted the post or the public’s reaction, prompting him to delete it. But he was not the only celebrity who defended Diddy as Slim Thug condemned “his own people” for cheering Diddy’s demise.

Multiple women and producer Lil Rod sued Diddy for sexual assault over the past five months. Homeland Security raided his Los Angeles and Miami homes as part of an ongoing federal investigation on Monday (March 25).

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