UTFO’s Doc Ice Emerges As Unexpected Hero In Subway Crisis

UTFO rapper Doc Ice is being hailed as a hero for his quick wits and calm demeanor during a violent altercation on a Brooklyn bound subway train last week. The conductor of the A train that tuned into a deadly confrontation on March 15 was none other than Hip-Hop legend Doc Ice.

Doc Ice, known for his contribution to one of Hip-Hop’s most iconic tracks “Roxanne, Roxanne” found himself in the midst of chaos, leaving him feeling what he described as “shell-shocked.” He was at the controls of the train, when a heated exchange between Younece Obuad and DaJuan Robinson turned violent.

The argument, propelled by Robinson’s aggression toward Obuad, labeled a migrant, quickly escalated. In a desperate defense, Obuad’s girlfriend wielded a knife, stabbing Robinson. The situation reached a critical juncture when Robinson, injured and enraged, pulled out a gun.

In the ensuing struggle, Obuad managed to wrestle the firearm away from Robinson and shot him four times, leaving him critically wounded. The vivid recall of the event by Doc Ice highlights the terrifying moments inside the train.

“You just hear, ‘bow, bow, bow,’” he told the New York Post. Amidst the panic and fear, Doc Ice acted swiftly to ensure the safety of his passengers, describing a feeling of helplessness but a determination to protect those on board.

“It just felt like [I was in] a helpless place, where you couldn’t do nothing for nobody. But I got the train in the station, opened up the doors and let the cops do what they got to do to keep these people safe,” Doc Ice said.

Doc Ice’s transition from music to operating trains hasn’t shielded him from the unpredictable dangers of the city. Reflecting on the incident, he expressed a newfound vulnerability in his role.

“Bullets don’t have no name,” he lamented, underscoring the reality that his cab offers no protection from gunfire.

As authorities continue to unpick the sequence of events, the question of whether the shooting was an act of self-defense remains. The investigation is ongoing, with no clear indication yet if charges will be brought forward against the man who fired the gun.