Willow Smith Rejects “Nepo Baby” Label Because She’s “Still Black” 

Willow Smith is reflecting on being the child of famous parents and the insecurities that come with being labeled a “nepo baby,” a notion she rejects for multiple reasons.  

As the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow has carved out her own lane as a musician with an eclectic style. However, she still feels pressure to defy the nepotism stigma which leads to negative thoughts. 

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Willow Smith Believes She’d Still be “A Weirdo” Without Famous Parents

During an interview with Allure, Willow explained she hears voices telling her she’s a fraud who will never be good enough and only has a career because of her famous family.  

However, Willow understands “I’m wrongly internalizing the negativity from the outside,” and sees beyond her insecurities. “Even if my parents weren’t who they were, I would still be a weirdo and a crazy thinker,’ she added.  

Furthermore, Willow believes the “nepo baby” stigma motivated her to work even harder although she now feels she has nothing to prove.  

Ultimately, Willow Smith rejects nepotism allegations because being a Black woman in America doesn’t allow for exemptions. She recounted past experiences where people treated her like she didn’t belong, even when her picture hung on their walls. Willow acknowledged her privileged position but added that Blackness is a unifying factor.  

“Being Black in America, even with privilege, which I’m never going to deny that I have, you’re still Black,” she explained.  

“I love being Black,” Willow declared. ”People would look at me and [say], ‘Okay, well, her parents are this and this and that, but she still is like me. She still has brown skin.’ And we all know that that doesn’t exempt you from anything, and that’s a place of connection.” 

Meanwhile, Willow Smith has had a few days. On Friday (May 3) the 24-year-old dropped her sixth solo studio album empathogen. Earlier this week, NPR shared Willow’s Tiny Desk Concert. Watch it below. 

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