With Kanye West, Dame Dash & Justice League Cosigns, Hassan Is Ready For The World

Hassan’s wave began much like a pebble in a docile lake. The minute stone, metaphorically speaking, is now making waves in the music industry with his boundary-pushing collaborations and thought-provoking compositions. From working alongside icons like Kanye West and Dame Dash to producing beats for rising stars such as DeJ Loaf and Saweetie, Hassan’s influence on contemporary music is undeniable. Nowadays, Hassan pushes his creative process farther and and discussed his most collaboration with The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League.

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“Feelings,” a track with extreme emotional depth, was originally crafted by chopping up a Nina Simone sample, but in an effort to elevate the production, Hassan enlisted the expertise of Erik “Rook” Ortiz. Rook is a globally known producer and founding member of The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, the production team known for working with Drake, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, Raekwon, Conway The Machine and a host of others.

“J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League just have that luxury sound, you know what I mean?” Hassan said. “It felt like superhero music, like theme music, and for this joint ‘Feelings.’ I made the initial beat. I chopped up the Nina Simone song ‘Feelings.’ And I chopped it up and I had that piano part and I just had that loop. And then I sent it to Rook [of the Justice League] and I was just like, man, please Rook, if you could, man, if you feel the inspiration, if you feel the vibe, I would love for you to touch it and really bring it to that superhero level.”

And that is exactly what happened. The song, a few days old, has thousands of views already. His partnership with Dame Dash was forged during a another serendipitous encounter in Wyoming during a session with Kanye West. West is a source of inspiration and admiration for Hassan, who recalled playing West his album.

“Working with Ye is…it’s always a pinch me moment,” Hassan expressed still in awe. “I was playing him the ‘anything is possible’ beat. He was just mumbling. Like this line, this top line. And it’s like, man, we took that and I went and got a choir to sing that top line that he was doing. So on the record, he’s like mumbling the top line. And then I have the choir come in.”

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Born in America, Hassan’s music is deeply rooted in his cultural heritage and personal experiences. Themes of personal exile and religion are reoccuring in his work, a reflection of a Muslim father and Catholic mother. “Feelings” offers listeners a glimpse into his upbringing and relationships.

“I draw a lot from personal experiences, especially my relationship with my mother and the struggles she has faced,” Hassan shared. “Her trauma has deeply impacted me and reflects in my music, adding layers of vulnerability and authenticity to my work.”

Hassan’s artistry is to provoke thought and ignite conversation through his music. With Hip-Hop in flux, he challenges the status quo in the way true artists do.

As Hassan continues to push forward, it appears that ripple initiated by the pebble will continue evolving into a tsunami.