Young Thug’s Lawyer Seeks To Blow Up RICO Trial By Removing 2 Judges & Prosecutors

Young Thug’s lawyer Brian Steel further complicated the rapper’s RICO trial in Georgia on Monday (July 8). According to court documents obtained by AllHipHop, Steel wanted Judge Rachel Krause to recuse herself from handling the defense’s bid for Judge Ural Glanville’s dismissal in the case.

Steel also sought the removal of two prosecutors. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution was the first to report on his supplemental motion.

Judge Krause was tasked with deciding if Judge Glanville must step down from the YSL RICO trial. Steel accused Glanville of aligning with prosecutors to coerce a witness to testify against Young Thug, whose real name is Jeffery Williams. Steel filed a motion seeking Glanville’s recusal. Glanville paused the trial until Krause ruled on the matter.

Steel questioned Krause’s impartiality in a supplemental motion. Young Thug’s lawyer noted Glanville contributed to Krause’s re-election campaign.

“This Motion also timely moves to recuse the Honorable Judge Krause based upon the fact that she sits on the Fulton County Superior Court Bench with Judge Glanville and that in April 2024, Judge Glanville contributed two thousand ($2,000.00) dollars to the Honorable Judge Krause’s re-election campaign,” Steel wrote. “Mr. Williams’ trial has been ongoing since January 4, 2023 and therefore includes April 2024.”

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Steel believed Fulton County prosecutors Adriane Love and Simone Hylton should be removed if Glanville exits Young Thug’s trial. Steel claimed Glanville, Love and Hylton “prejudiced and tainted” the slow-moving trial by privately meeting with key witness Kenneth Copeland in June.

“Mr. Williams’ trial is Constitutionally broken based upon the unconscionable misconduct of Judge Glanville, lawyer Love and lawyer Hylton, all working together in an effort to convict Mr. Williams,” Steel argued. “The criminal justice system in Fulton County, in the State of Georgia and in America has been attacked by the conduct of these three (3) actors.”

Steel added, “This injustice must end, immediately, beginning with Judge Glanville removed and disqualified from Mr. Williams’ case. Thereafter, this Motion is also timely made for lawyer Love and lawyer Hylton to be removed and disqualified from Mr. Williams’ trial and the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office must be investigated for their improper conduct, if any, outside of the actions of lawyer Love and lawyer Hylton.”

Young Thug has remained in jail since his 2022 arrest. He maintains his innocence.