Yung Miami Denies Shading JT Over Sukihana Beef: “We Don’t Have A Problem” 

Yung Miami lost it with fans claiming she shaded her City Girls partner JT over her ongoing feud with Sukihana. 

On Tuesday (May 14), Miami responded to a fan on X (formerly Twitter) who posted a meme of JT. “HOE… THE THINGS THAT YOU’VE LIED ABOUT,” they wrote alongside the meme. 

Yung Miami clapped back, asking, “B#### DO WE HAVE A PROBLEM?????” before another fan intervened.  

“Don’t p### me off rn Miami. You know exactly why ppl jumping at you as much as you be on social media. You always play this lost character in every situation you start. Cut it out,” they added. 

While the fan didn’t name names, Yung Miami insisted she and JT squashed their recent beef. 

“P### you off?” she replied, adding that she doesn’t know them. “I SPOKE TO JT ME AND HER TALKED WE DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM it’s yall leave me tf alone!!!!” 

The City Girl fan doubled back, claiming supporters have concerns about the group breaking up. “I’m sure you can understand why fans feel like you was trying to be shady towards jt with that Gif! It did not look good to fans thats already on edge about the City Girls as a group,” they said. 

Nonetheless, Yung Miami refused to believe the “hate” came from a good place.  

“Yall don’t f### with me and riding the hate train it’s clear,” she responded. “You was just talking so much s### about me! I’m good don’t need no love from nobody that don’t f### with me!!!” 

The backlash came after City Girls fans noticed Yung Miami responded to an Instagram post about Sukihana’s JT diss

Last month, Yung Miami and JT clashed over alleged “sneak disses” in a heated online exchange before eventually settling their differences.