1ethedeacon shares three tracks for us to rock with

1ethedeacon is a mid-west-based rapper who caught our attention with his heartfelt and reflective raps. The rapper blends 90s styled hip-hop with a modern twist peppered by his faith and life experiences. By his own admission, he is merely a deacon and his hop platform is his church.

“Ancient Deleroeans” is the first cut for us to examine today. The track produced by SmokeBeatz has an eclectic feel with its rock/pop-infused aesthetics and crunchy drum breaks. 1ethedeacon uses this as the canvass to share a tale about depression as he also finds out that everyone uses drugs to cope with the situation.  He is quite candid with the lyrics and gives an honest view of the situation.

“Medusa” is a reflective and soul-searching track that sees the rapper reflecting on the journey to success while giving props to his friends trying to find their way as well. The production is quite moody and is ripe with a weird vocal sample and rousing drum grooves.

“With in Due Time” is a reflective and introspective piece that is as engaging and thought-provoking as well. The production is somber and sees the rapper pouring out his soul on wax.

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