4batz Teams Up With Ye on ‘Act iii: On God? (She Like) Remix’

4batz debut EP features a collaboration with Ye on the new track “Act iii: on god? (she like) Remix.”

4batz and Ye Collab

On Friday (May 3), 4batz released his debut EP U made me a st4r. The inaugural offering from the buzzing Texas artist features a collaboration with Ye called “act iii: on god? (she like) (Remix).” The new collab was teased last week when a video surfaced of 4batz and Ye collaborating in the studio.

On the melodic song, produced by SSEVABEATS, Ye delivers a cringeworthy boast to his lover that he’s the best she’s ever had and proclaims that she won’t find anyone else who can compare to him.

“Don’t do that, don’t do that/Don’t call back, DM that, deletin’ that/You can’t get me mad/You can’t get no better than me, b***h/I’m the best you had/Do Italian lеather on the bag/Claimin’ you on your period ‘causе you’re mad/I’ma f**k you better on the rag,” the Chicago rapper-producer raps over repeated somber guitar strings.

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4batz’s Meteoric Rise to Fame

4batz has enjoyed an almost unprecedented rise to fame. Previous to his new EP, Batz had only released a total of five songs, which was enough to garner millions of monthly Spotify listeners and cosigns from Drake and Ye. The rapid ascension has even made some people speculate he is an industry plant. The Texas artist takes the rumors in stride.

“I think it’s kind of cool,” 4Batz recently told GQ magazine. “It’s like I’m the boogeyman. [Then] people are going to meet me and be like, ‘Oh, this is a regular hood n***a.'”

Milano, 4Batz’s manager, sees the rumor as a compliment.

“Listen, if you look at everyone who’s had success at a very accelerated rate, whether it’s Ice Spice or Travis Scott, fans are going to call everybody like that an industry plant at some point, until they don’t anymore,” Milano said. “I look at it as a compliment. It just lets me know that he’s so talented. For people to think at some point that he was A.I.—it’s crazy, but it also speaks to how they can’t even imagine that someone could really be that talented.”

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Listen to 4batz’s new collab with Ye below.

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