50 Cent Teases New Diddy Documentary Diddy Do It – Is it Real?

50 Cent is teasing a new documentary titled Diddy Do It? focused on Diddy‘s latest legal issues, but is it actually real?

50 Cent Shares Movie Poster on Instagram

On Tuesday (March 26), 50 Cent shared what looked like a movie poster on his Instagram page. The poster featured a fractured image of Diddy on a cellphone. In the bottom left corner, it reads, “Diddy Do It? Original Docu Series Coming Soon.”

“This is gonna break records when this drops,” 50 wrote in the caption. “GLG. GreenLightGang you know the vibes.”

While 50 Cent has a penchant for trolling, and an even deeper love of trolling Diddy specifically, the movie poster appeared to look legitimate. Fans began to wonder whether or not this movie might actually be real, as the poser began to pop up on other social media pages as well with a Netflix logo in the corner.

However, the movie appears to be a farce. Diddy Do It? is not real and the poster appears to have been created by BossLogic, a popular digital artist on Instagram.

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50 Cent Thinks “Diddy Done”

While the movie is fake, 50 Cent’s relentless trolling of Diddy has been very real. In the wake of police raids on Diddy’s home on Tuesday (March 25), 50 Cent has been accosting his longtime nemesis on Instagram for the last few days. Most recently, the G-Unit leader theorized that Diddy’s career is over as a result of these raids.

“S**t just got real,” 50 wrote alongside a news report of the raid. “The Fed’s in all the cribs, damn they got the kids in cuffs…Now it’s not Diddy do it, it’s Diddy done. They don’t come like that unless they got a case.”

Numerous videos showed the Department of Homeland Security with weapons drawn moving into Diddy’s Los Angeles and Miami homes and placing numerous individuals in handcuffs. The raids are reportedly linked to a sex trafficking investigation.

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See 50 Cent’s Instagram post as well as BossLogic’s below.

See 50 Cent’s Diddy Do It? Movie Poster

See BossLogic’s Diddy Do It? Movie Poster

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