Arewa shares new single “Clocks” featuring P Saint

Arewa is a NY-based singer with Nigerian roots whose new single “Clocks” caught our attention. The record is a display of unfiltered emotions layered over a sublime and soothing backdrop and showcases Arewa’s commanding vocal style and evocative lyrics. She is joined by singer P Saint who complements her vocals with his own gripping melodic runs.

Arewa, beautiful, caring, determined, ambitious, and flawed. Like any individual, she is uniquely her. She goes about her days, gaining new experiences, that propel her into becoming such a divine being. A modern-day griot, she is. Using her experiences to share stories through art, she evokes the emotion of the average being, gracing them with her authenticity. Her stories come from a place of confusion, pain, joy, enlightenment, love, peace; a place she calls home. Accepting all that she is, she has laid the standard for being one of the most motivational and inspiring beings to share her vulnerable art with the world. Born in Brooklyn, New York, of Nigerian descent, a true Yoruba goddess lives within her.

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