Check out Theo Ogundipe’s “Plato Freestyle”

Nigeria-born, UK-raised rapper/songwriter/actor/producer Theo Ogundipe is slowly building his stats as he drops his new single “Plato Freestyle”.  The multi-talented act recently appeared as the Rueben character in the critically acclaimed Netflix show Top Boy and followed that with his self-produced project Reworks which showcased his versatility and garnered him praises from all corners. 

“Plato Freestyle” sees him stepping back to reflect on different tragic world events in the past few years and how it has changed people’s outlook including his own. Over the sombre and haunting backdrop made up of dark textures, airy pads and sparsely arranged drum grooves, Theo delivers an impassioned performance ripe with unfiltered lines and vivid rhyme schemes while showing listeners a juxtaposition of real-time issues and being willful and intentional with one’s life.


Stream “Plato Freestyle” on apple music.

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