Davy Fresh and Drew Dave share their journey on new single “Crack Babies” [video]

Washington, DC-based recording artist, Davy Fresh shares the visuals for his song “Crack Babies.” The record is reflective, heartfelt, and has a summer-tinged vibe courtesy of producer Drew Dave who cooks up the perfect backdrop for Davy Fresh to paint verbal pictures on. The rapper harks back to his childhood as an 80s baby, a time where cocaine ruled the streets and the boardrooms and was responsible for decimating an entire generation. Davy Fresh shares his journey of coming out of a rough and dangerous environment and how finding hip-hop literally saved his life.

The music video is directed by David Johnson and follows the rapper and his young counterpart as they enjoy the summer breeze just chilling and relaxing. “Crack Babies” is the focus single from the upcoming The David Johnson LP which will released this July 16, 2021.


Davy Fresh is a Washington, DC based recording artist. He got his start in music from mixtapes and blog recognition in the late 2000’s. In 2011 he started his independent recording company, Fresh Kids Music Group which has produced some of today’s most successful independent artist like MioTiga, KeepanEyeonTheProduct, and Wes Felton. Davy has also managed to create a strong youtube buzz by collaborating with Youtube creators like Cartoon Connect and the hit cartoon series, The Johnsons (over 10 million views). Davy Fresh will be producing and starring in the animated film, The Examples by cartoon connect and Facebook watch this fall 2021.

Get the forthcoming The David Johnson LP on all DSPs here.


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