Dialek Dubai and Razah Sharp drop new single “Ukraine Fauci” featuring Featuring Trucker Moody and ArmandaLegg

Dialek Dubai and Razah Sharp share their candid thoughts on the effect of the ongoing war in Ukraine in their new single “Ukraine Fauci“. The production is made up of a sombre piano riff and soft drums, the rappers acknowledge the rise in gas products and overall inflation as the war continues, They also blend it with vivid and off-kilter lyricism to close it out.

The song ‘Ukraine Fauci’ will appear on Kemetika N Amerika“which will be released on Thanksgiving 2022, featuring Trucker Moody, Razah Sharp, ArmandaLegg and Kemetika.”

This release will be powered by the next major release for the crew, Razah Sharp’s “Strongside” release date October 7th, 2022, produced by Dialek Dubai.



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