Diddy Sued by Woman Who Claims He Sex Trafficked Her at His Party

Diddy is reportedly being sued by a former porn star who claims he forced her to have sex with his guests at his parties.

Diddy Sued by Another Woman for Sexual Abuse

On Wednesday (July 3), TMZ reported that Diddy is facing yet another lawsuit from a woman claiming Puff sexually exploited her. The suit was filed by Adria English, who was a former porn star named Omunique. English claims she first met Diddy around 2004 when her boyfriend at the time was auditioning for a modeling job with Diddy’s Sean John.

English said her boyfriend as well as another model were asked to perform oral sex on Diddy in order to get the job, which her boyfriend refused to do. One of Diddy’s associates then gave him the job, on the condition English could work one of Diddy’s upcoming White parties as a “go-go dancer” in the Hamptons.

Adria English and her boyfriend agreed, and she worked the party over Labor Day weekend. The lawsuit reportedly includes pictures of Adria English that prove she was at the party, and she claims she was told to drink laced alcohol with narcotics such as ecstasy and to flirt with guests.

She then claims over time she was “groomed” into having sex with guests. Adria English claims she was forced to have sex with famed jeweler Jacob Arabov, and that she was paid an additional $1,000 bonus for doing so. She additionally included a photo of her and Jacob that she claims happened after the assault. Jacob is reportedly listed as a defendant. Diddy allegedly congratulated English on a “good job” and soon after began passing her around to other guests at other parties.

English is also suing a woman named Tamiko Thomas, who she claims facilitated Diddy’s sex trafficking ring, comparing her to Harvey Weinstein accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell. In 2009, she claims Diddy blackballed her and her boyfriend from the industry.

XXL has reached out to Diddy and Adria English’s team for further comment.

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Diddy Continues to Face Numerous Lawsuits

Adria English’s lawsuit is just the latest sex trafficking allegation to befall Diddy in 2024. In March, Diddy’s homes in Los Angeles and Miami were raided by Homeland Security as part of a reported sex trafficking investigation. Since last November, there have been seven other lawsuits against him, with the most well-known case involving his ex-girlfriend Cassie, which was settled a day after it was filed. Cassie claimed Diddy raped and beat her in addition to forcing her to engage in sex acts across state lines. Most of the other suits accuse him of rape, intimidation, drugging and violence.

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