Duwayne finds himself on “Range Day”

Milwaukee-born musician and songwriter, Duwayne caught our ears with his new single “Range Day” which showcases his vivid lyricism and offbeat delivery. The self-produced track flips a classic soul sample into the perfect canvas to paint his life on wax.

Armed with an impassioned flow, Duwayne takes the listener deep into his world and dives deep into finding his ethnicity and identity in his own way. He acknolwedges the past in order to be able to progress and implores listeners to always give blessings for the small joys that come their way.

Duwayne has become a recognizable figure within the Milwaukee music scene without having an accessible catalog on streaming services by performing small acoustic shows accompanied by only his guitar. The multi-instrumentalist has also performed as a drummer for other Milwaukee acts. Duwayne combines moving melodies with intricate rhythmic syncopation to create his free-form songs. Using a philosophy he coins “Eccentric Esotericism” Duwayne supplements his instrumental grooves with lyrics that are both ideal for the easy listener and the deep diver.

Get “Range Day” on all DSPs here.