Edel MJ Shows His Versatility On New Music Video Titled “Soñando Despierto”

LA-based Mexican urban artist Edel MJ follows-up on his debut release, “Three Hearts” with yet another major production titled “Soñando Despierto,” released through Higher Living Music. Known for his unique fusion of trap, reggaeton, r&b and Hip-Hop, Edel MJ is sustaining a solid momentum with this new release,  dropped only a few weeks after his critically acclaimed debut song. Originally from the city of Obregon in Sonora Mexico, the 21 year old has had a great passion for music for as long as he can remember, and finds it fascinating to connect with other people through a song. 

While both his releases are impressively beautiful, they also showcase a very different facet of his personality and skills, with “Soñando Despierto” being more complete in terms of presenting his abilities to the fans. 

“Soñando Despierto,” which means ‘dreaming awake’ in Spanish is an artistic tour de force as Edel MJ sings and raps at various speeds and switches between moods and atmosphere seamlessly throughout the song. 

Get familiar with “Soñando Despierto” below: