Five New Wave R&B Artists To Follow in 2020

There is nothing better than smooth, cozy and intimate R&B. Nowadays, artists go out and about to top the charts with their sounds, and try to outstand others on the competitive stage. 

Check out five talented musicians who shine through in 2020 with their releases, and deserve a listen! 


1- Louse and The Yakuza 


Hailing from Europe, Congolese-Belgian singer, rapper, songwriter, model, and artist Louse and The Yakuza rose to prominence after the release of her first single “Dilemme” in September 2019. Louse and The Yakuza continues to deliver her signature sound of bilingual French-English rap, and trap-included beats, as she builds her international fanbase, and is working on her debut album that will be released in Autumn of 2020. 


Instagram @lousandtheyakuza


2- Kojaque 


Kevin Smith, known professionally as Kojaque, is an Irish rapper from Cabra, Dublin. He is also a visual artist and filmmaker. Co-founder of independent label Soft Boy Records, Kojaque mixes sampling and jazz beats with dynamic, poetic lyrics, showcasing life as a modern Dubliner.


Instagram @ogkojaque


3- Dorian Lake 


New Jersey-bred singer-songwriter Dorian has released so far two albums, Songs In The Key Of Love (Part 1 & 2). The beautifully produced albums reflect the multiple influences of this promising artist, delivering a sound full of warmth, sensual emotions, and groove, perfectly blended with his soothing vocal deliveries. Dorian found healing in writing and believes that in doing this daily, he’s been able to keep a close relationship with God and the music in his heart.


Instagram @dorianlak3



4- Mahalia 


Mahalia, is a Jamaican-British singer, songwriter and actress. As she refuses to be defined by genre, her music features influences of pop, R&B, soul, and rap. Mahalia made her recorded debut in her early teens, but her international career blew after she was featured in the COLORxStudio show where she performed her hit single ‘Sober.’ In 2020, Mahalia dropped a follow up on her viral album LOVE AND COMPROMISE, titled Isolation Tapes


Instagram @mahalia


5- Santino Le Saint

Born and raised in Brixton, London, Santino Le Saint is a singer, guitarist and producer. As the son of Brixton’s legendary hip-hop producer Charlie Parker (57th Dynasty), Santino grew up around music, learning piano and guitar from age 8. Now he channels his intimate and hypnotizing style as he delivers stunning and smooth music. 


Instagram @santinolesaint