Isatta Sheriff shares new single “For Those Who Love”

Isatta Sherif follows up her last release “Will They try” with her new single titled “For Those Who Love”. The track produced by Italian beatmaker Koralle is made up of lush guitar plucks, soulful textures with head-nodding drum grooves and sees Isatta reminiscing on the classic songs and flicks she grew up on and how it changes from one generation to the next. The storytelling is beautiful and vivid as Isatta’s evocative lyrics fully detail a time pre-internet and social media where life as we know it was different.

She is joined by vocalistMercy’s Cartel, who add a soothing melodic performance to the record.

The single is from Isatta and Koralle’s collaborative EP Eat The Kiwi Skin. The EP sees appearances from Lex Amor, Shumba Youth, Awate, and last but not least Mercy’s Cartel on the lead single, “For Those Who Love”. The Koralle production provides the perfect backdrop for Mercy’s warm and radiant chorus that really brings the single to life. 


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