K-Lo Master Outlaw Returns With Brand New Single “Ain’t She Hood”

American artist  K-Lo Master Outlaw is back with yet another new release, this time titled “Ain’t She Hood.” K-Lo Master Outlaw imagined the song when thinking about one of his female friends, Karla Padron, a woman he describes as stylish, well-dressed, and with an inspiring attitude. K-Lo loves everything about her and wanted to show his love with this beautiful track. 

With hundreds of singles released so far, and over a dozen albums, K-Lo Master Outlaw continues proving he is a determined rapper-songwriter who lives and breathes for music. One of his main passions is to share his music with as many people as possible, and after listening to “Ain’t She Hood,” we are most certain the song will reach millions thanks to a sophisticated construction made of groovy beats and flawless flows.