Kingdom Kome Links With Onaje Jordan For “Revolve Around Science” Video Premiere

Lo-Life affiliated spitter Kingdom Kome links up with Hometeam producer Onaje Jordan for new visuals!  “Revolve Around Science” (first posted by Underground Hip Hop Blog) and featuring cuts by Ruen is that smoked-out mind-expanding boom-bap as Kingdom says “Onaje’s beats put me in a certain chamber that’s perfectly represented in this song.”

Filmed in Jordan’s home-turf of Chicago, most of the video was taken on the South Side of the city including footage at the legendary Hyde Park Records Store. The track is taken from the newly released “Alchemy” LP, which also features appearances from G Fam Black, General BackPain, Lupus Dei, Substance 810, Che Uno, Falcon Outlaw, Killy Shoot and many more!

Speaking on the initial link-up between them Kingdom said of Onaje:

“Initially I did a feature for an associate of his and he sent me some beats.  That was about seven to nine years back and we’ve been working together extensively since then.  The way we work together is very organic but totally a result of chemistry of beats and rhymes.  It’s Alchemy.”

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