Kiseme drops ‘4DALove EP’

San Diego, CA-based indie artist Kiseme drops 4DALove EP, a 24-track project that blends soulful boom-bap sounds with various stylings including melodies and heartfelt lyrics. The self-produced project starts off with “Pu$hin” a piano-driven track followed by the sombre lofi-infused “Visions”. On “Get Dat Dough” we get to hear Kiseme’s go-getter attitude and on “Actions” he presents a true depiction of getting things done. He links up with rapper Shorty G on the haphazard “Gettin’ to the chicken” who delivers a short performance at the end. “Get Paid” continues in the same vein as Kiseme shares his candid thoughts on securing the bag in these dangerous times. “Luck Days” is as the title suggests and gives listeners a glimpse into a day in the life of the rapper. The soundscape gets a bit brooding and moody on “Invest” and Kiseme is still in his element.

Overall the theme of using piano loops keeps the cohesiveness in order and Kiseme’s off-kilter , nonchalant approach to the raps is quite unique as well.

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