Lil Wayne and Wheezy Outta Here Prep Release of First Joint Proje

Lil Wayne is joining forces with producer Wheezy Outta Here for their first joint project together, and it’s inspired by their shared nicknames.

On Thursday (March 21), the Young Money X account announced the news that some kind of project featuring the two artists is on the way. Weezy vs Wheezy will arrive on April 5. While this is an official collaboration, what exactly this project will be is unclear at the moment. Is it an album, mixtape, EP or song? Whatever the final result will be, fans of both the lauded rapper and Atlanta-bred producer appreciate how they’re leaning all the way into their nicknames for this one.

The cover art for the collaboration shows Weezy and Wheezy in a promotional flyer similar to a long-awaited wrestling match. “Weezy Mania,” “Wheezy versus Weezy” and “This Is Coming, Hell or High Water” decorate the artwork.

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See the artwork for their upcoming collaboration below.

See the Promo for Lil Wayne and Wheezy Outta Here’s New Collaboration

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