Mauve Grove clears the path for some “Creepy Crawlies”

Toronto’s psychedelic hip-hop jazz group Mauve Grove is made up of CJ Hall, David Jones, Donnie Drain, and Spencer Bridgwater and initially caught quick attention from the local Toronto music scene with their debut LP Hot Laundry, released in July 2018. Their new release “Creepy Crawlies” is a smooth  fusion of rock elements with hiphop sensibilities. From the rich guitar riffs, rousing drum grooves, and warm bass lines, the record is underpinned by fiery rap verses provided by CJ Hall and a laidback hypnotic melodic hook to match. The subject matter is somewhat abstract and dives into the change in modern rap flows while paying homage to rappers like Kendrick, J. Cole, and Meek Mill who made their mark with their unique styles.

The band’s live performances are intimate and fluid. Each show is an experiment in both communication and aesthetics. Improvisation takes the spotlight as they flow from one song into another, and each member contributes a unique and engaging personality to the stage. Intricate timing and voicing arrangements are central to the band’s sound. Mauve Grove continues to push boundaries across styles and blur lines between genres as they perform throughout 2022.

Mauve Grove is currently working on their third full-length record.

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