OsamaSon Claims Iron Maiden Is Suing Him for Ripping Off Artwork

Rising rapper OsamaSon claims he is being sued by rock band Iron Maiden after ripping off a Powerslave era piece of Iron Maiden art for the cover of the deluxe edition of his latest album.

As seen below in a screenshot of OsamaSon’s Instagram Story (which has since expired), X account Kurrco shared the news of the alleged lawsuit. “Iron Maiden is suing me so… ……cover is gone,” the rapper wrote, tagging the band’s handle.

In the post on X, formerly known as Twitter, the artwork for the rapper’s Flex Musix (FLXTRA) deluxe edition album, which was released in February, as well as the Iron Maiden art in question is included. The photos can be seen below.

The Similarities and Differences in the Pieces of Art

The original piece of Iron Maiden art features a mummified version of mascot Eddie from the chest up, being struck by lightning as he chomps on a chain. It’s part of many images tied to the band’s 1984 classic Powerslave, drawn by Derek Riggs.

The version on Osamason’s record is a blatant ripoff, mostly recolored to reflect a darker grey Eddie, slightly warped with minor modifications made around the mouth. Rather than being set against a bright blue background with scattered lightning around the mascot, an off-center pink hue surrounds Eddie with darker colors around the top and left borders.

XXL has reached out to OsamaSon’s team for comment.

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OsamaSon Is on the Rise

OsamaSon, whose signed to Atlantic Records, is one of the more popular rising artists in the rap scene this year. His first album, Osama Season, was self-released in July of 2023, and in December of last year, he made his major label debut with Flex Musix.

Currently on his first headlining tour, OsamaSon has (at the time of publication) nearly 500,000 monthly Spotify listeners. His most popular track on the platform is “X & Sex,” with over 7 million streams.

In the music video for the song, OsamaSon is seen wearing a T-shirt from Facelift Deformation, a brutal death metal band featuring members from Hong Kong and Taiwan. His own logo is also stylized with a visual aesthetic typical of the extreme metal subgenre.

Take a look at the Flex Musix (FLXTRA) cover art OsamaSon used that is similar to Iron Maiden’s artwork below.

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