Razah Sharp returns with two singles “A Mood Called Green Freestyle” and “Clean Pistols”

Razah Sharp is one of the hardest-working emcees out now and his ongoing collaboration with producer Dialek Dubai has been on rotation for a minute now. At the present time, the man returns with a couple of joints from his stash.

The first cut “A Mood Called Green Freestyle”  is a one-off track that showcases Razah Sharp’s off-kilter and unapologetic rap style. The track sees him teaming up with Median (of the Justice League and Little Brother fame) as the duo share a wide range of topics and style over the drumless sombre soundscape laid before them.

The second cut Clean Pistols” is inspired by a real-life experience when Dialek saw Razah cleaning his guns. The production is moody and gritty and Rzah proceeds with his distinct flow and vivid lyrical schemes ripe with insight and bravado. Dialek also adds his own stylish touch with a solid verse.

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