Rowe Rowe Releases New Summer Banger Titled “Do Something”

Los Angeles-based r&b singer-songwriter and rapper Rowe Rowe releases a brand new track, “Do Something,” a sensual rap track that sees the young artist (21 years old) at his sharpest and most inspired self, and while that’s no extraordinary fact having heard his previous releases such as “Guiding Light” and “1day,” he his delivering his best performance ever on “Do Something.” 

His main mission is to work towards overwriting dominant overtones of violence and sexism in modern rap music, bringing a refreshing and natural vibe to the game, all the while showcasing his incredible talent to the masses. Blending meaning with quality music is the best way to describe Rowe Rowe’s unique “Do Something,” a track in full alignment with his signature sound structure, a mix of r&b vocals and rapping.