TAR1Q shares video for “bAd IntentIons” [Video]

Emerging Nigerian singer/songwriter TAR1Q (TAH-reek)  started out as a rapper and after some iterations in 2018, he switched to singing and rebranded himself under the eagle eyes of the Nutrybe, a development academy under the prestigious Nigerian record label Chocolate City Music. After a year of recording and artist development, TAR1Q is ready to show the world what he is made of by releasing his lead single “bAd IntentIons”  and announcing his new EP entitled Son of the Moon.

“bAd IntentIons” is a mid-tempo love track that showcases the singer’s distinct melodic runs and adulation-filled lyrics that lovers of afrobeats/soul can appreciate. He carries the song effortlessly and delivers a smooth alluring performance underpinned by an infectious groove to match. TAR1Q doesn’t hold back his feelings and pours out his heart on wax to let his woman know how he truly feels about her.

The visual style is made up of performance shots of the young artist in a cinematic backdrop as he croons to the leading lady in the rain and also makes use of smooth transitions and engaging set pieces as well.

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