There’s a Big Race to Officially Trademark ‘No Diddy’

There appears to be a race to trademark the phrase “No Diddy,” and it’s between Quilly and another person.

Quilly Files to Trademark “No Diddy”

On Monday (March 25), Quilly hopped on Instagram to share with his fans that he officially owned the trademark to the viral “No Diddy” phrase, which is currently being used to replace other slang terms such as “no homo” or “pause.”

“My team get the job done,” Quilly wrote alongside a screen grab of the trademark application. “I officially own #NoDiddy.”

However, eagle-eyed supporters noted the “status” section of “No Diddy” was blurred out, and that’s because it’s still “pending.” XXL confirmed that another person under the name Edmond L. Carter III also applied to trademark the “No Diddy” phrase on Monday (March 25). Only time will tell who will be given the green light, but Quilly applied for the trademark on Sunday (March 24), so he seems confident he’ll emerge victorious.

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Slang Term No Diddy Replaces “No Homo” on Social Media

The new slang “No Diddy” is being used across social media instead of phrases like “pause” or “No homo,” which the hip-hop world has used since the 1990s. The term is being used to reassure people that the person using said term is not a homosexual. However, the use of “No Diddy” stems from Diddy’s multiple recent lawsuits that find the Bad Boy Entertainment mogul accused of disturbing sexual abuse.

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See Quilly claim trademark ownership over “No Diddy” below. Also, check out the status of the “No Diddy” trademark below that.

See Quilly Claim Trademark Ownership Over “No Diddy”

See the Status of the “No Diddy” Trademark

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