Tommy Danger stays “Winning”

Hip-Hop artist Tommy Danger aka “The Now and Laterman” shares some impactful and aspirational messages in his new song titled “Winning”. The soulful tune sees him reflecting on how we all try to reach our goals and the dynamics of the journey can be extremely unpredictable but he implores us that only the ones who play the long game will eventually come out on top. Lines like “Gloden is the mind that sees no limits/ It’s not about the start, it’s all about how you finish” are more than enough to spark that inner motivation that we all need. He is joined by vocalist A.M Ceravlo who adds subtle and alluring melodic vocals to the track.

Tommy Danger is currently sitting on 13 independent project releases, a weekly podcast, and an eBook entitled “Motivation and Confidence Vol. 1 – The 7 Steps”.

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