Top submissions EP4 Oct 2022

The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Geno Five – “SOUL” (FT. KIPP STONE)

Geno Five‘s newest release “SOUL” is a heartfelt and reflective tune that explores the life of a 20-something in the 2020s trying to find their way around the craziness. Over a somber and sublime soundscape, Geno gives listeners a glimpse into this modern-day life and how he weaves through it and wings it all the way. He is joined by KIPP STONE who adds his own 2 cents to the matter.


DemarcoTheMan – “Kitekitekite”

Experimental rapper DemarcoTheMan returns with another off-kilter release titled “Kitekitekite“. He makes use of a moody and off-kilter beat and delivers a stream-of-consciousness-styled performance.


KTLO – “I’ll See You Again”

KTLO teams up with Swellshark, Vernell Anthony, and Brandonrxse for “I’ll See You Again”, a soulful and heartfelt tune that showcases the artist’s versatile ranges. The track is heartwarming and alluring as listeners get a full view of soothing melodic runs over a soul-stirring soundscape.



Kam’Geez – “Charge It To The Game”

Kam’Geez drops some invaluable jewels in his new single “Charge It To The Game”. over a cinematic and airy soundscape, he show us how he moves through the men streets and snakes who try to detract him from his goals.



prodsynesthete – “KAIJU”

prodsynesthete embodies the scary properties of a “KAIJU” in his new single. Over a pounding and dark soundscape, the rapper delivers a fiery and frenzy performance ripe with vivid lyrical schemes and a rousing chorus to boot.


Helixx C. Armageddon and Shanty Gallos – “James Baldwin”

Helixx C. Armageddon links with emcee Shanty Gallos for “James Baldwin”. The track is a somber and reflective tune that acts like a call to action as Shanty reflects on past struggles and how modern-day issues are still reminiscent of the past.



Leon Loaded – “All My Life”

North Atlanta, GA-based rapper Leon Loaded shares the new single “All My Life” from his forthcoming debut album. The record produced by Gucci Playboy has a moody and somewhat solemn soundscape while Leon delivers a handful of hard-hitting bars underpinned by relatable lines.



Dom Deshawn – “Sun Up, Sun Down”

Dom Deshawn shares his new record “Sun Up, Sun Down” which dives into Dom on the pursuit of a love interest and the numerous hurdles he had to overcome as he tries to get to her. The production is sublime and soulful and Dom’s vivid lyricism sure is engaging.


Fih – “Tanqueray”

Alt/RnB/Hip-Hop artist Fih, launches her new single “Tanqueray”  (featuring Nico Seigal aka Donnie Trumpet) taken from her upcoming album La Brea Baby, due out January 13, 2023.  The record is a ssultry as they come and Fih delivers her distinct airy and honeyed melodic runs over the ethereal soundscape laid for her.




Sincere Rose x YLO AANSONGG – “Miami Motion”

Sincere Rose and YLO AANSONGG  show us how it feels within the “Miami Motion” in their new collaborative project. Over a sublime and ethereal soundscape, the artist deliver a blend of vivid raps and smooth melodic runs that keeps listeners locked in from start to finish.


Yung Dub D – “Shit I be on”

Yung Dub D is an emerging rapper/songwriter/producer who shares his new single titled “Shit I be on”. The production is punchy and somewhat atmospheric and his use of autotune effects sure makes it somewhat engaging and he is also joined by rapper Vinnie Bones who delivers a hard-hitting verse.



Shaun Jansen x Soul Dot – “Post-Show Blues”

Shaun Jansen and Soul Dot pour out their hearts on “Post-Show Blues”, a bluesy melancholic tune that explores the down after a period of bliss be it a good book/story/film that kept one engaged. It’s quite relatable and the duo’s approach is distinct and alluring as well. The vocal performance is commanding and heartfelt too.



thegoodnews. – “The Doors (Subjectjazz Remix) “[feat. Del The Funky Homosapien, Jam Baxter & Gee.]


thegoodnews. share ” The Doors (Subjectjazz Remix)” which features Del The Funky Homosapien, Jam Baxter, and Gee. The production is cinematic and somewhat brooding while the wide range of rap styles displayed here is engaging from start to finish. Taken from the EP The Doors” from thegoodnews crew made up of producer CTZN, rapper notpo3, and illustrator Pete Cosmos.







Geechi Suede and Shane Sounds – “Pearl Handle”

Legendary NY rapper Geechi Suede (of Camp Lo fame) and California Bay Area-based emerging DJ/producer Shane Sounds share their new collaborative single “Pearl Handle”. The track has a retro soul vibe with its silky and dreamy textures layered over soft drum grooves that Geechie Suede flows effortlessly over with his characteristic off-kilter cadence and vivid rhyme schemes. This is the first single off  Shane Sounds’ Apostolos project.



BENNY OKOTO – “Audible”

Eclectic producer/rapper BENNY OKOTO is back with something new in the form of his new single “Audible”. The self-produced track has edgy electric guitars and soft drum grooves that blend with his commanding vocal tone and bravado-laden raps.

Sloane Skylar x Sammy P. Marie – “Ghost”

LA-based Chi-town-raised singer/songwriter Sloane Skylar teams up with Sammy P. Marie for “Ghost”. A mellow track that dwells on the concept of ghosting in relationships and its effects. The backdrop has an eerie and Halloween-esque feel and the lyrics are insightful and heartfelt.

Rah Cashiano Ryan Atkins- “Better Than”

Rah Cashiano Ryan Atkins samples a classic R&B sample into his new single titled “Better Than”. He plays the part of the new guy who pours adulation and doles out on his girl and reminds her that he is better than her old man.

BFO x Kondracki – “How It’s Gotta Be” (prod. By Kondracki)

BFO and Kondracki share their new single “How It’s Gotta Be” which dives into the daily hurdles they face. Over Kondracki’s sparse and brooding soundscape, BFO gives listeners a glimpse into real-time issues ranging from financial struggles, the steep success rate, and then some. This is the first single from the upcoming BFO x Kondracki album.

Ntwali – “Message to the youth”

Canadian artist Ntwali makes an entrance on our list with his new single “Message to the youth”. The record is a heartfelt and reflective tune that dives into aspirational themes for the youth. Over a soulful vocal sample-driven backdrop, Ntwali drops some gems that young folks can grow on.

Matt Nye – “Boo Box”

Hardworking emcee Matt Nye returns to our list with “Boo Box”. Over a soulful and moody soundscape, he paints a vivid tale of life as he traverses the unpredictable lane with nothing but hope in his mind.

JRoberts – “Rapper For Life” (feat. lyphe)

JRoberts and lyphe team up for “Rapper For Life”, a heartfelt and introspective tune that explores their artistry in an unapologetic manner. Over a sublime and somber backdrop, the emcees deliver their candid thoughts on the art of rap with much gusto.

IM’PERETIV x D-Rec x GCASINO x BLOCKLORD – “Walk Through Hell”

“Walk Through Hell” is a hard-hitting gritty record from Canadian producer IM’PERETIV who links up with rappers D-Rec, GCASINO, and BLOCKLORD. The result is pure raw, unfiltered raps with graphic rhyme schemes that would keep listeners locked in from start to finish.

Motive’88 – “Dream Big”

Emerging rapper Motive’88 aims to spark up our inner passions with “Dream Big”, an aspirational tune that is much needed in these dark times. Over a punchy and soulful backdrop, he implores listeners to aim high in whatever they do.

Marlowe – “Royal” (feat. Blu & Joell Ortiz)

On “Royal,” we see rappers Solemn Brigham, Blu, and Joell Ortiz, trade bars over an anthemic instrumental provided by L’Orange. The production is high-energy and off-kilter, a mise en scene for the three rap titans to deliver remarkable performances. L’Orange explains his approach to the production on the track, “This is the most traditional song on the record. Normally I get very involved in my production and change the beat up a ton but for this one, I wanted to get out of the way of the rappers and let them do what they do best.”

Black Silver – “Once Upon a Rhyme”


Black Silver‘s “Once Upon a Rhyme” is a hard-hitting sci-fi-influenced track that showcases his distinct lyricism and impassioned flow. He makes use of a cinematic and anthemic soundscape to paint vivid pictures that keep listeners from start to finish.
This is the first single release from a highly anticipated full-length project called “Forbidden Slanguage”

NAZ.IM – “2 Pac Died”

Sudanese emcee NAZ.IM aims to give us something to ponder in his new song “2 Pac Died” which dives into the intersectionality between activism and nihilism. Over a soul/jazz-infused backdrop, he delivers a fiery performance underpinned by reflective and introspective bars about real-time issues

Ember Woods – “DOPPELGÄNGER”

Broward County, FL-based rapper Ember Woods caught our ears with her new single “DOPPELGÄNGER”. Underpinned by an off-kilter and unique soundscape, she delivers a sultry and laidback flow ripe with much gusto and bravado.


Tre Malone – “Right Back”

Emerging rapper/songwriter Tre Malone closes out this week’s list with “Right Back”. The production is brooding and somber and his use of mellow laidback melodic runs is distinct and the lyrics are somewhat engaging too.