Tour Trippie Redd’s All-Black $7.5 Million Mansion

Trippie Redd goes all-black everything for the exterior of his Florida mansion. The 24-year-old rapper debuts the new look of his luxury home, and gives a tour inside.

The 19,000-square-foot home, which is situated in the Southwest Ranches suburb of Broward County, Fla., once had the typical white facade for many southern homes in the region. On April 2, Trippie unveiled he had transformed the entire outside of the home, including the driveway, to black.

Trippie Redd’s All-Black Mansion

“The Black House 🏡 black is beautiful from my skin to even stars in a jet black sky 🖤,” he posted on Instagram with a photo of the all-black mansion.

The same day, fellow rapper DDG shared a vlog on his YouTube channel in which Trippie gave a tour of the home. Trippie bought the property for $7.5 million dollars in 2020. He says the owner initially listed the mansion for $12.5 million a year before Trippie purchased it. The previous owner was getting ready to foreclose on the property so the rhymer got it for a steal.

During the tour, Trippie confirms he has nine bedrooms, a basketball court, piano room and a $30,000 bed he had made because the initial Rick Owens-designed bed he wanted was too expensive. In 2010, a Rick Owens bed sold for $216,000.

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Take a tour of Trippie Redd’s alll-black mansion and see photos inside and outside of his home below.

Watch a Tour of Trippie Redd’s Mansion

See Trippie Redd’s All-Black Mansion

See Photos of Trippie Redd’s All-Black $7.5 Million Mansion