Vanessa Tha Finessa shows off as a “Bad Bitch Steppin’” [Video]

Ghana-born, LA-based rapper/songwriter Vanessa Tha Finessa is back once more with her brand of unapologetic and off-kilter raps. Her latest venture “Bad Bitch Steppin’” is a short but powerful statement where she states her claim as the baddest on the scene. Over the booming and hard-hitting beat provided by Karats Alexander, Vanessa takes charge with her commanding flow and unapologetic rhyme schemes. The track stops right before the 2-minute mark but it’s more than enough for the melanated rap queen to get her point across to the naysayers and detractors.  The visual is shot and edited by Karats Alexander, who captures Vanessa’s glow in all its glory in different spots and makes use of luxurious aesthetics and motifs that help accentuate her natural beauty. 



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