Yungeen Ace Responds to Comment by Foolio’s Hacked Instagram Page

In a bizarre move, Yungeen Ace responded to a comment made by Foolio’s hacked Instagram page.

Yungeen Ace Responds Oddly to Comment from Foolio’s Hacked IG Page

Since the release of Yungeen Ace’s new song and video for “Game Over,” the South Florida rapper has seemingly become the target of trolling by Foolio’s Instagram account. On Saturday (June 30), Yungeen posted a bizarre response to a comment made by Foolio’s hacked IG page.

In Yungeen’s IG post about his new video for “Game Over,” someone from Foolio’s IG account went into the comment section and posted an emoji of a trash can to signify that the song is trash. Yungeen caught wind of it and decided to respond to Foolio’s IG account.

“You still f**kin with me dude [two tears of joy emojis] I love you 4VA [two fingers crossed emoji],” he wrote.

For those who may not know, Foolio was tragically killed on June 23. So either the late rapper’s page is being hacked or somebody is being very deceptive with their trolling. Yungeen has since deleted the offending comment.

On Friday (June 29), the same Foolio IG account posted a blue hat emoji to signify the word “cap” and a popcorn emoji potentially indicating “corny” in regards to Yungeen’s “Game Over” video.

Yungeen Ace Appears to be Dissing Foolio Again in New Song

Nevertheless, the mysterious Foolio IG page is probably responding to Yungeen’s lyrics on “Game Over.” On the song, which can be heard below, the 26-year-old rhymer seems to be dissing his former rap rival Foolio.

On the chorus, Yungeen raps, “Five in the mornin’, I got a call, what is this? (What is this?)/Dead on the floor, dead on arrival, Mr. 6 (Oh no)/Uh, I’m steady screamin’ out, “F**k the law” and “F**k the 6″ (F**k the 6)/Four in the car and one of them dead, three got hit (Grrah).”

This is the second time Yungeen has alluded to Foolio’s death. Fans noticed Yungeen hinting about the late rapper’s killing on “Do It” last week.

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