B.H. Tryggs & Black Canvas Are on the Road to Glory on ”The Renaissance II” (Album Review)

This is the 2nd collaborative album between Grand Rapids emcees B.H. Tryggs & Black Canvas. Coming up as members of the OxfordGang crew, the duo have most definitely worked with each other numerous of the times within the last 4 years dating back to the 2 features Tryggs had on Canvas’ debut EP Triple Hero. They even put out The Renaissance together last summer & are already keeping the series going by reuniting to dropping a sequel.

“Underworld” is a Black Canvas solo cut to kick off with a piano/boom bap instrumental talking about they gon’ respect the shooter whereas “Reefer Madness” finds the duo over some strings & dusty drums to express their love for weed. “B.C. Sniper” takes a more solemn route flexing their prowesses just before “Master Sword” is a synthesizer/boom bap combo talking about how much heart they have. Meanwhile on the orchestral “Kisses from Rogue”, we have these guys declaring themselves to be the best in the business leading into the shimmering “Godspeed” asking how one desires to live & be remembered.

“Genesis” is a Black Canvas solo cut with an organ, a vocal sample & some hi-hats pouring his heart out lyrically while the song “Kill Hercules” is another Canvas solo dolo moment except with a more morbid trap tone talking about how he can’t be stopped. Tryggs links back up for the penultimate track “90’s All-Stars” returning to the boom bap comparing life to a double-rim & to round it all off, “40 Love” details being on the road to glory backed by a trap instrumental with a medieval loop.

From what I’ve heard from both these dudes so far, I think The Renaissance II is a refinement of the predecessor. The Oracle comes up with some incredibly interesting ideas throughout the production he cooks up throughout this whole album with both MCs pinging off each other lyrically excellently showing the world how hungry they really are. Will we get a 3rd installment of The Renaissance series next summer? Only time will tell.

Score: 8/10

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