Noraa brings us the warmth of “Sweet Summer Dreams” [Video]

Singer/songwriter Noraa is a Cologne Germany-born, Berlin-based artist of Chadian descent who kicked off her career professionally after a stint in Paris. Living in the vibrant French city gave her the much-needed cultural range and diversity which she added to her musical repertoire and the music she made there also ended up on her 2019 EP Mixed Feelings. Now back in Berlin, Noraa has slowly transitioned to being an indie artist who is currently working on a new EP (November 2022 is the release date) but in the interim, she shares her new single “Sweet Summer Dreams”. The single produced by Matteo Capreoli sees her reflecting on her past experiences during a particularly hard time and finding solace in the very thing that makes her happy. Over the lush and summer-tinged backdrop, she delivers evocative lines with her distinct hushed tone and sublime melodic runs to match. Just as the title Noraa delivers a warm embracing sound that listeners would appreciate and revel in.

The visuals were shot by Nadia Abakar of FOVEA Films who blends a variety of motifs with set pieces that capture Noraa’s natural beauty and performance style.

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