Cardi B & Ice Spice’s Dominican Heritage Brings Them Together Amid Former’s Twitter Beef With Raymonte

No matter how often Cardi B reminds haters and trolls that she has no Mexican roots, they continue to insist that she doesn’t meet their definition of Black. This has become increasingly frustrating for the mother of two, who takes great pride in her Dominican heritage. Earlier this week, Bardi and a male content creator, Raymonte, found themselves trading shots. The latter compared himself to the former while trying to make a point about BIPOC creatives, causing some confusion. “It’s [wild] because when I became famous people said I’m ghetto, talked s**t about my accent, called me d*mb because [of] the way I speak. Said I got no couth, talk about my teeth, my braids, my two buns, and to this day, no matter what I accomplish I still get called a stripper,” the Grammy award winner ranted.

Raymonte didn’t initially understand Cardi’s anger, but she was quick to provide him with an explanation. “You know why I’m at where I’m at right now? Because I took all those no’s and recognized what I had to CHANGE. I had to change the way I talk, the way I act and the way I respond,” she shared in one tweet. In another, the Hustlers actress name-dropped a few other stars from the Dominican who aren’t treated as unfairly as she’s been.

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Cardi B Responds to Raymonte’s Comparison Video

Among them was Ice Spice, who joined in on the conversation. “No offense Bardi, it’s ‘cus I have a Dominican parent and a Black one 😭🖤,” the younger New Yorker wrote on Twitter amid all the drama. “I think there might be some confusion on what was said,” Cardi B responded. “I asked why he feels so comfortable calling me Mexican [when] I have no Mexican parents, my mom is Trini… She came out of a whole Black woman.”

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“My father is Dominican, I’m Dominican just like you. I  also used other Dominicans as an example because as you should know a lot of times we get clustered into one because of the language,” the rap diva added before requesting Ice send her a photo of them together. Keep scrolling to see Cardi and Ice’s link up at the Vanity Fair party, and check back later for more music/pop culture news updates.