DJ Black – “Scorpio Season” (EP Review)

DJ Black is a rapper and guitarist from Stockton, California. Starting as a guitarist in the group HED .P.E., Black has quickly grown as a solo artist. After rolling out many successful singles, including “Blood on My Adidas” and “Remember November”, fans have been waiting for a full-length project from the up and comer. “Scorpio Season” is the name of his debut ep, and it captures every element of what makes DJ Black such a unique individual compared to his peers.

DJ Black compiles his emotion, pain, and personal differences to create a compelling and distinct performance. The intro track “3:33 A.M.” sets the tone for the album as Black goes on a radical rant discussing subjects such as depression, grief, corruption, and white supremacy in America. After this hard thinking piece, the second track “Dead Beat” settles in the mood as the Cali mc continues to rant about his gripes and issues with society. The next few songs continue DJ Black’s aggressive thought train as he pours out even more of his criticisms towards various groups, ideas, and organizations. The album closes on the more personal side of things with the cuts “Homies” and “I.I.W.I.I.”. In addition to the shift in subject matter, Black shows off a softer melodic side to his arsenal, which is a refreshing change of pace. With an array of skills and an extensive lyrical arsenal, DJ Black keeps listeners engaged for the entire 18-minute duration of the tracklist. 

Sonically, DJ Black fuses rock with hip hop in a cohesive manner. From “Dead Beat” to “Stupid N Young”, Black shows how to influence rock into rap music properly. He also lets his guitaring talent shine as there are a plethora of times where the young mc supplements his lyricism for a guitar solo. The track “Homies” displays the best culmination of everything due to its sample-based instrumental and guitar infused baseline. Overall, DJ Black is exceptionally creative with the sonic direction on Scorpio Season.

In conclusion, Scorpio Season is a phenomenal debut ep from DJ Black. The blend of rock and rap is usually something that fails, but this young mc manages to defy the odds and master the two sounds. On top of his intricate and comprehensive rapping ability, Black’s guitaring ability adds even more layers to this already profound project. The only complaint I have with the ep is that clocking in with an 18 minutes run time, it can feel a little short to some. Going forward, I’m super excited to see what direction this talented artist decides to move in, and if you are too, be sure to follow @theofficaldjblack on Instagram!

Rating: 9/10

Highlights: Lyricism, Production, Guartaring