El Stacko – “Based On A True Story” (Album Review)

El Stacko is an up and coming rapper from Chicago, Illinois. After years of work, the mc has released his anticipated debut album, “Based On A True Story“. The record captures the hardships Stack faced growing up on the Westside of the Chi. While it is not always beautiful, the project is a gritty and unfiltered perspective into a life not everyone can make it out of.

El Stacko’s moving lyricism and delivery make the album feel super genuine and thought-provoking. The intro track “Honest” sets the tone for what to expect going forward as Stacko uses his struggles to allude to his come-up story. For the next few records, Stacko continues to rap about the trauma he has endured throughout his life. The cuts “Stay Strong” and “Keep Moving” are my favorite songs on the project as the Chicago rapper uses chilling vocals and dark imagery to paint a tear-jerking story. The rest of the album builds upon the previously addressed topics.”Got It Going” with Needlz knievel is another standout song due to its intense lyricism and hardcore flows. Overall, El Stacko does a great job of painting his roots on the tape.

Sonically, the production on the record matches El Stacko’s abrasive style. While none of the instrumentals are mind-blowing by any means, they fulfill their job of holding the project together. Cuts such as “Realer Than You” and “Vamonos” exemplify this with their straightforward yet hard-hitting trap and drill fused beats. An instrumental which stuck out to me was “Stay Strong”, which contains a sappy piano beat for Stacko to reminisce over. All and all, El Stacko picked the soundtrack of this album well, as each instrumental helps convey the message the rapper is trying to get across.

In conclusion, Based On A True Story showcases what to expect from El Stacko going forward. Putting so much emotion into his songwriting, each track feels like a roller coaster. In the future, I’m super excited to see what this gifted mc will accomplish and if you are too, be sure to follow @elstacko4 on Instagram!

Rating: 7/10

Highlights: Emotion, Flow, Vocals