Gilbert Arenas Praises Saucy Santana’s Twerking Skills, Saucy Shoots His Shot: “U My Baby Daddy”

Gilbert Arenas is someone who has always spoken his mind, regardless of whom he may offend. Moreover, he is also known for his NBA hot takes that are just that: hot takes. Overall, there are a lot of NBA fans out there who refuse to take his analysis seriously. However, he continues to do his thing, and he continues to retain an audience. In fact, he and Nick Young have made quite the dynamic duo as of late. They even found themselves at the center of the Draya Michele and Jalen Green controversy thanks to their NSFW story about the reality star. Recently, however, it was Saucy Santana who became the duo’s target.

It all started when Nick Young revealed that he is friendly with Saucy Santana in real life. For some reason, Gilbert Arenas though this was hilarious, and clowned Young for it. Subsequently, Saucy took to social media and called out Arenas for being homophobic. In Saucy’s mind, there is nothing funny about a straight man being friends with a gay man. Well, Gilbert heard those criticisms and decided to be kind to the artist. In the clip below, Arenas even praised Saucy for his twerking skills. He even said that if this were a strip club, he might have to throw his money at Saucy as opposed to Megan Thee Stallion.

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Gilbert Arenas And Saucy Santana Smooth Things Over

These comments immediately began to go viral on social media. So much so that Saucy Santana issued a response. This time around, he decided to shoot his shot at Gilbert. “WAIT – ayoooo, Gil! Lemme holla at you!!! I had a crush on you since I was a kid. U my baby daddy,” Saucy wrote. For now, it remains to be seen whether or not Arenas responds. Either way, it seems like the feud is officially over.

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