Kanye West To Sue YesJulz For $8 Million, She Responds

Kanye West and his rollout for Vultures has certainly been filled with big headlines. Overall, the first Vultures came out a couple of days late, however, some fans felt it was worth the wait. Of course, the track “Carnival” ended up going number one in North America, which just goes to show that people are still listening. However, as it pertains to Vultures 2, the project has been delayed quite a bit. At first, it was supposed to drop on March 8th. Although now, it is believed that the album is only going to come out on May 3rd. In the midst of all of this, Ye is under scrutiny for the actions of his Chief Of Staff, Milo Yiannopoulos, who recently accused YesJulz of breaching her NDA.

As we reported last week, YesJulz was fired from the Yeezy team. It was said that she was having unauthorized conversations with Kanye West fan pages. This subsequently led to Milo claiming that YesJulz was on the hook for $7.7 million in unpaid fines. Overall, this was quite the number, but Julz was unbothered. On Twitter, she exposed Milo for the inappropriate language he used while describing Kanye fans. Regardless, it seems like Ye and his team are ready to pursue legal action against her. In the Instagram story below, you can see that Ye is preparing to sue her for $8 million.

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Kanye West Speaks Out

As this news broke, YesJulz remained at ease. She subsequently took to Twitter and decided to lash out at Milo as opposed to Ye. “Lol FUCK MILO Try me you little bitch,” she wrote. Needless to say, she is not scared of the lawsuit right now. It has not been filed officially, which means there is a chance it won’t go through. However, if Ye and his team win, then it will serve as a warning to anyone else who may work for his company in the future.

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