Gradey Dick & Anthony Black Make Meme Magic During Jersey Swap Much To The Chagrin Of The Magic’s Social Media Department

Gradey Dick is easily one of the funniest new players in the entire NBA. The Toronto Raptors rookie is known for his vibrant personality, and his ability to always make a joke, regardless of the circumstances. Overall, he is pretty shameless with his jokes. He will get NSFW, although he always does it in a subtle way that makes people laugh. Although his start to the season was pretty slow, he has been able to make big improvements throughout the year. Now, he is getting consistent playing time, and he is even making big plays. Needless to say, Raptors fans like him and they are interested to see what he can do moving forward.

Last night, the Toronto Raptors played against the Orlando Magic. After the game, Dick went up to Magic rookie Anthony Black, and asked to do a jersey swap. In the midst of this swap, both players had huge grins on their faces. Eventually, they repositioned themselves so that Gradey was holding Black’s jersey on the left, and Black was holding Dick’s jersey on the right. As you can see below, this spells out “Black Dick,” making for a viral moment that had NBA Twitter in stitches.

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Gradey Dick & Anthony Black With Jersey Swap Of The Year

Following the exchange, the Orlando Magic posted the photo. However, after realizing what was being said in the image, the team decided to take down the post. This attracted some attention online, with many feeling as though this was a mistake. Sure, it was a crude message being displayed, but worse things have happened. This was a great way to reach out and engage with fans, but they ultimately bungled it.

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