Jack Dorsey Confirms He’s Team Kendrick Lamar Amidst Drake Battle

Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar is the biggest rap battle of all time. Fans can argue for 2Pac vs. Biggie, or Jay vs. Nas, but the impact this current battle has had on popular culture is unprecedented. Those previous examples were relegated to fans of hip-hop, or fans of music at best. Now, celebrities are lining up to discuss which rapper they prefer. Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, is no exception. The entrepreneur has been keeping tabs on the high-profile battle, and it appears as though he’s coming out as a Kendrick Lamar supporter.

There’s actually multiple pieces of evidence to support this claim. For one, the Twitter specialist dug back into Lamar’s account to find a tweet from 2011. The tweet was in reference to a concert the rapper was performing at. “June 16th,” he wrote. “Toronto. Grab tix here.” The concert was from Drake’s Club Paradise tour, in which Lamar was booked as one of the openers. It’s a throwback to a simpler time for both artists, and in some ways, the starting point for their dissent. Dorsey reposted Lamar’s tweet with a single heart emoji on May 3.

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Jack Dorsey Has Been Reposting K. Dot Content On X

Fans were puzzled by this, as it was unclear whether Dorsey was co-signing Lamar over the 6 God, reminding fans that Drake helped Lamar break through, or evoking a period in which the rappers were getting along. The lack of clarification didn’t help. Dorsey provided followers with an answer over the next couple days, however.

He reposted a video of Lamar and Jay Rock performing the 2012 song “Money Trees” at a Best Buy. The video was accompanied by a caption commending Lamar for working hard to improve his performing skills. Then, on May 8, Dorsey posted a link to Lamar’s music video for “Rich Spirit.” The caption he wrote next to the link read: “turn him to a song.”

“Rich Spirit” was originally released in 2022. The song sees him navigate the pressure of celebrity, as well as the criticisms that fans had for him in the years leading up to Mr. Morale and the Big Steppers. It doesn’t hurt that Dorsey has a personal connection to the album. The entrepreneur made a cameo in the rapper’s music video for another Mr. Morale deep cut, “Count Me Out.”

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