Cardi B Shades Former Vogue Director In Response To Backlash Over Met Gala Blunder

While Cardi B’s show-stopping gown made headlines following the 2024 Met Gala earlier this week, she’s facing backlash over a comment about the designer of her avant-garde black gothic fantasy dress. 

During a red carpet interview with Vogue, Emma Chamberlain asked Cardi B who created her jaw-dropping gown. However, she forgot the name of Windowsen founder and designer Sensen Lii, saying instead, “They’re Asian and everything.” 

Clips of the faux-paus went viral, with social media users criticizing the “Like What” hitmaker over the blunder.  

“I like you and all but knowing a designer’s name is literally the only thing you need to know at an event like the Met Gala. Come tf on. That’s just disrespectful and unprofessional. Brain farts happen but that’s your one job that night tbh,” one fan wrote.  

Another added, “cardi b not remembering the designer who spent 3 months making her met gala dress and just referring to him as “asian” is just sad and disrespectful.” 

Vogue‘s former managing director Gilbert Cheah also condemned Cardi B in an Instagram comment. “The gown took two months to make,” Cheah said. He also said that the rapper “should have at least remembered his name and not just that he’s ‘Asian’.” 

On Wednesday (May 8), Cardi B responded to Cheah and other critics in an Instagram video. After explaining that she forgot how to pronounce Sensen Lii’s name, Cardi threw some shade at the former Vogue director.  

“I knew the designer was Asian, but I wasn’t sure what nationality the designer was,” Cardi B stated. “I feel like the designer and my stylist worked really hard for this theme, so for you to be kind of shady because she feel offended or whatever, it just proves why you’re the former director. You’re trying to offend me but you’re actually offending the people behind-the-scenes.”