Jai B – “After Party Hours” (Album Review)

Jai B melodic trap rapper from Chicago Illinois releases a new project called “After Party Hours“, right off the rip I was impressed with the sonic vibration and arrangement of the intro song named after the album. The retro futuristic sounds reminds me of a blend of new melodic trap and futuristic elements.  “Sensei” was again around the melodic elements but the conceptual Jedi approach of controlling the mind of his women through mind control.  Very complacent in the flow which could be more dynamic but lives within its own pocket.

“Demonz” was a song were Jai B let his demons out with a symbolic song of him loving his vanity. Let the Ego ride its fitting for an artist to let their expression bleed through and Jai B did just that with this approach. Next on the album is “New Vibe” and its just that I like how Jai B switches up the sound of each song even tho he stays within one pocket after finding a groove.

“Banana” was as dope track very nostalgic of a of childhood and family. I appreciate the vibe and conceptual approach to his words  I kinda wished this song was longer. “Light show/No Goodbyes” was complacent  sounded like the other songs. “Better Days” was a new sound along with rhythmic flow making It worth the listen, I defiantly like the metaphors used its a melodic output throughout the album giving it a future & Weekends sonic vibration. I can Jai B going far as it seems easy for him but I would recommend learning to switch up his flow during songs to give fans dynamics to listening to him sonically.

The production on “Moon Rock” was forsake smooth, the concept was well put together I can see this as a radio single, wavy and melo and a bouncy vibe in todays market. “Sad” was an emo punk vibe with a Hip-Hop approach, I like how Jai B spills into multiple lanes showing he can evolve as an artist exciting me for his next project. Follow Jai B on Instagram and Spotify for visual and music updates.

Rate 6/10

Highlights: Sonic Sound

Dislikes: not versatile.