Kim Kardashian Booed At The Tom Brady Roast

Kim Kardashian took part in Netflix’s live event, The Roast Of Tom Brady. The roast featured comedians like Kevin Hart, Nikki Glaser, and roast master Jeff Ross. Additionally, it featured some of Brady’s former teammates, like Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman. Kim K donned a black dress and some champagne as she made her way to the stage to roast the Hall of Fame quarterback. The reality star then proceeded to get relentlessly booed by the crowd. 

 The audience at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles booed her very loudly when she started to address fellow presenter Kevin Hart. Kardashian appeared embarrassed and furious at the backlash over her attendance at the event. The boos were obviously not expected by Kim K, but she had to compose herself and deliver her roasts to Brady. The jeering eventually went away, and she was able to get into her set. Despite the boos, she uncomfortably hung in there and addressed the rumors she and Tom Brady dated, among other things. 

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Kim Kardashian Booed As She Addresses Tom Brady Dating Rumors

Kim Kardashian brought up the rumors that she and Brady were formerly romantically involved. “Speaking of Tom and I dating, I know there were some rumors that we were, and I’d never say if we did or not, I’d just release the tape,” she joked of the dating rumors. Kardashian also made a humorous comparison between Brady and Olympic champion Caitlyn Jenner during the roast. She said of Tom and Caitlyn, “I know the transition from the NFL must have been really hard, but I think my stepdad is a great example for you.” She continued, “She’s one of the greatest athletes in the world who’s proved you can do anything in this next chapter. You can become a commentator, a far-right Republican, or even a strong, confident woman.”

Kardashian finished her set off with some words for Tom Brady. She jokingly concluded, “I’m just here tonight to support you and celebrate you. I’ll give you the same advice I give all of my exes: good luck knowing the best is behind you.” Tom Brady got her back later in the roast, though. The NFL icon brought up Kim K’s ex-husband Kanye West, saying, “I know Kim was terrified to be here tonight. Not because of this, but because her kids are at home with their dad.” All Kim Kardashian could do was shake her head and laugh.

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