4batz Responds to Allegations He Has Problems With Drake

4batz responds to allegations he has issues with Drake following the release of his debut EP.

4batz Responds After Debut EP Released Through Gamma

On Sunday (May 5), 4batz hopped on X, formerly known as Twitter, to respond to allegations made by a fan that the soft-spoken Texas singer has problems with Drake. The fan noted that Batz’s debut EP U made me a st4r was supposed to be released on Drizzy’s OVO Sound. Instead, Gamma distributed the 12-track project. 4batz’s remix of “act ii: date @ 8” featuring the 6 God notably did not appear on the project. However, a remix of “act iii: on god? (she like)” featuring Ye did.

Regardless, 4batz pushed back against the fan’s claim that things weren’t kosher with Drake.

“I ain’t got no problem with that n***a,” he wrote below. “I got the number 1 mixtape in the WORLD and it’s not even an album.”

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4batz Signs Distribution Deal With OVO Sound

The response comes after Billboard reported in March that Batz had signed a one-project distribution deal with OVO Sound. However, only the “act ii” remix previously mentioned was distributed via OVO. The EP was instead distributed via Gamma. 4batz sudden ties to Gamma are noteworthy considering Joe Budden’s recent theory that Drizzy is co-owner of Gamma and that his ownership of the music company has sparked his laundry list of enemies in recent weeks.

“The labels got s**t running through Drake, I’m telling you,” Joe insisted on his Joe Budden Podcast in April. “We’re going to find out. One of these n***as is going to spill the beans soon, I’m telling you…There’s something here that we don’t know enough about yet…I think Drake owns some of Gamma.”

Former Apple executive Larry Jackson and record executive Ike Youssef founded Gamma in 2023. The roster of artists so far includes Rick Ross, French Montana, Sexyy Red and Usher.

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Check out 4batz’s response to allegations he has problems with Drake below.

See 4batz Respond to Allegations He Has Problems With Drake

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