North West Stole Some Pink Friday Nails From Kim Kardashian

Last week, Nicki Minaj revealed her new line of press-ons. They’re called “Pink Friday Nails” and packages containing the product have been shipped out to various celebs and influencers so they can try them out. That was the case with Kim Kardashian who got her own package seemingly full of various styles of the press-on nails. But as she explained in a video she shared to social media, before she even got the chance to open the package somebody else got their hands on it.

It’s no secret that North West is a pretty big Barb. She shared a video of herself dancing and singing along to songs from Pink Friday 2 right after the album came out. So it’s not all that surprising that she was interested in the Pink Friday Nails. As Kim explains in the video, Miss Westie got her hands on the press-ons and decided to try them out before Kim could even get home. Check out the adorable video she shared below.

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North West Nabbed Kim Kardashians Pink Friday Nails

Earlier this year, North West made her debut as a rapper. She appears on a song from her father, Kanye West‘s new album VULTURES 1. Fans loved her verse so much that demand started to mount for more material from North. Last week she revealed she was working on her debut album. She also revealed that the name of the project will be Elementary School Dropout. Apparently Kanye is pretty excited about and prospect as friends describe him as going “all in” on the album.

Recently West had one of her first ever interviews. Unsurprisingly, she discussed her upcoming debut album in the adorable video. West is quickly becoming yet another young superstar within the Kardashian family world. What do you think of North West stealing Kim Kardashian’s package of Pink Friday Nails before she could even get home and use them herself? Are you looking forward to West’s debut album? Let us know in the comment section below.

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