Megan Fox Tries To Clarify Drinking Machine Gun Kelly’s Blood

Megan Fox defended drinking the blood of Machine Gun Kelly during an appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast. Fox addressed her consumption of MGK’s blood while discussing the wildest rumors she’s faced over the years.

“I guess one of the ones that’s very persistent is that I’m Satanic, or do Satanic rituals, or maybe adjacent to Illuminati, or something in that vein,” she said. “Which I think really started—I don’t know why it started, there was just that one time I said I drink blood ritualistically, and then everybody was like, ‘Wow, she’s into Satanic rituals.’ But that was a very misunderstood thing.”

According to Fox, the general public incorrectly believed she was drinking a cup of MGK’s blood when it was something much more benign. She understood why people thought it was strange but questioned why it was seen as disturbing or Satanic.

“Everything is a matter of what you’re accustomed to or what is currently socially acceptable or normal,” she said. “And back in like the ‘50s even, how many times did you see like … little boys would go out with their little pop guns and they would cut their fingers and be blood brothers, right? And they’re like, ‘We’re best friends forever now.’ And they would smush the blood together on their fingers. That’s not Satanic, right? That’s normal and that’s cute … It’s like that except instead of rubbing your fingers together, the drop of blood goes in your mouth. And I don’t know why that becomes Satanic.”

She continued, “I understand people think are like, ‘Hey, that’s weird.’ But guess what I think is weird? I think it’s weird that girls are out here letting guys c## in their mouth and they don’t know these guys … F### you. You’re so offended that I got a drop of Machine Gun Kelly’s blood in my mouth … What is so gross about what I did with my soulmate?”

Fox revealed her and MGK’s bloody bond in a 2022 interview with Glamour UK. She referred to him as her “twin soul” on the Call Her Daddy podcast but refused to comment on the current status of their relationship.